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October 4, 2021

Jordan Brown

After a year of uncertainty and restrictions from covid, it is relieving to be returning to normal slowly and have the option to get back to doing what we love: traveling. Although, with a lot of remaining uncertainty, it makes sense to still be hesitant. Fortunately, there are winter flights committed to preserving your safety.

Flying private has many benefits and helps you get to your favorite destinations while maintaining social distance and ensuring your safety. As restrictions are lifted, travelers are excited to book winter flights once again. Here are the 25 best places to fly to this holiday season.

25 Best Places to Fly During this Holiday Season

As the cold comes, winter flights to warm destinations are refreshing. Now that covid restrictions are lifting, it is enticing to experience the freedom of winter flights. There are many great places you can go, but here are the 25 best places to fly to this holiday season:

1. Key West, Florida

Few places allow you to enjoy 70-degree temps during the winter, but Key West is one of them. This lively city has an exciting party scene, great restaurants and, of course, great beaches.

2. Maui, Hawaii

Laying on a warm tropical island is a great way to spend winter days. Maui is a beautiful winter destination with an abundance of activities, from snorkeling to hiking to exploring a volcano.

3. Salt Lake City, Utah

For those who embrace winter and its recreation opportunities, Salt Lake City is the perfect option. Salt Lake City is within an hour from most of the state’s best ski resorts, some of which also offer snowboarding, making it a great place to enjoy the winter.

4. Kingston, Jamaica

The food and restaurants alone are enough to entice visitors to book winter flights to Jamaica. Visitors can also enjoy the beautiful beaches, fine art galleries, lively markets and riveting nightlife.

5. Las Vegas, Nevada

What better way to enjoy the winter than traveling to the desert? Las Vegas has endless entertainment, from live shows to exciting nightlife to the slots. The city is also surrounded by opportunities for enjoying the warm outdoors.

6. New Orleans, Louisiana

Known for the Mardi Gras celebration in February, New Orleans has weeks of celebrations and parties leading up to it. This coastal city makes for a great winter destination full of history and exciting nightlife.

7. Miami, Florida

Miami is a justifiably popular winter destination. Traveling to Miami brings bustling nightlife, extensive shopping opportunities, activities like fishing and golf and 35 miles of beaches.

8. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas is a resort city along the clear blue waters of the Baja California Peninsula. The recreation options here are almost endless, with lovely golf courses, stunning beaches, active nightlife, outdoor activities, refreshing spas and more. Really, the list goes on and on.

9. Twentynine Palms, California

An underrated traveling destination, Twentynine Palms is a quaint, warm desert oasis with classic comfort. Twentynine Palms is an entry point to Joshua Tree National Park, which features stunning landscapes, unique rock formations and exciting sight-seeing opportunities.

10. The Bahamas

For award-winning, secluded beaches with crystal clear waters, the Bahamas is an unbeatable destination. The island paradise has so much to offer, with a lively and colorful culture and abundant opportunities to see wildlife.

11. San Diego, California

The warm climate of San Diego is always comforting compared to the cold elsewhere. San Diego is known for its great beaches, but while you are there, you can also take advantage of the San Diego Zoo, many museums and extensive opportunities for viewing marine life.

12. Phoenix, Arizona

During the summer, Phoenix weather is scorching, making winter a great time for traveling to this warm and bustling oasis. With many shopping opportunities, great golf courses and countless hiking trails, Phoenix is wonderful.

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13. Palm Beach, Florida

Yes, Florida has plenty of great travel destinations this winter. Palm Beach is another wonderful place to enjoy the warm winter sun and beautiful beaches. The city offers a ton of recreational activities, like fishing, boating and snorkeling.

14. Breckenridge, Colorado

Breckenridge is another place to take advantage of all the fun winter weather has to offer. This historic mining town is a hub for some of the best skiing in the country, featuring the Breckenridge Ski Resort that caters to skiers of all levels.

15. Austin, Texas

With highs that rarely drop below 60 degrees, Austin is great for escaping freezing temperatures. Austin is considered the Live Music Capital of the World and offers many outdoor recreation with lakes and hiking trails.

16. San Juan, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is one of the best and most accessible Caribbean getaways for winter flights. The historical architecture and cobblestone streets of Old San Juan are enough to captivate you, even before you make your way to the warm tropical beaches.

17. New York, New York

For those that enjoy the magic of the holiday season, New York City is the best place to do so. Take advantage of the season with activities like ice-skating in Bryant Park, window shopping on Fifth Avenue, or of course watching the ball drop on New Year’s Eve.

18. Death Valley, California

Although it breaks temperature records in the summer, Death Valley is one of the best destinations for retreating from the winter cold. Fly into Vegas or Los Angeles and explore what it is like to walk on salt flats below sea level and see colorful mountains on scenic drives.

19. Stowe, Vermont

Stowe provides a long list of winter recreation opportunities. With great skiing and snowboarding resorts, ice fishing and plenty of arts and culture, you have the opportunity to enjoy the winter in a way you never have before.

20. South Padre Island, Texas

This underrated getaway destination offers warm, beautiful beaches with some of the safest and cleanest water in the country. This vacation spot also offers a unique nature experience with the best bird-watching opportunities.

21. Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is famous for its extravagant resorts. Cancun is a great place for traveling to explore nightclubs, shops and clean beaches. At around 75 degrees on average, Cancun is one of the best places to spend your winter.

22. Savannah, Georgia

For a mild winter experience, Savannah is a pleasant place to spend your time. This historic city offers plenty of sightseeing, a wonderful arts scene, hiking opportunities and beautiful beaches.

23. San Jose, Costa Rica

Traveling to Costa Rica is a great winter getaway. San Jose is the hub to take you to different parts of the country for various activities. In Costa Rica, you can spend your time enjoying the nightlife, exploring national rainforests or even surfing.

24. San Antonio, Texas

The climate in this southern state makes it a great place to travel during the holiday season. San Antonio offers plenty of culture with enticing architecture, nice restaurants, charming shops and rich history, all along the riverside.

25. Santa Marta Colombia

Forget about the cold on the white sand beaches of Colombia. This getaway offers opportunities for exploring the country’s biodiversity and plenty of sightseeing in its museums and downtown streets.

Travel Safety During the Holidays

With Charter Flight Group, you can trust that our winter flights will take you to your getaway destination safely and comfortably. We take  extensive safety precautions to make sure that every flight is up to standard. All pilots are trained and certified, while each aircraft is ARG/US certified and carefully inspected before each flight.

In the midst of uncertainty, Charter Flight Group is taking many precautions to protect our passengers from covid when traveling to their destinations. We conduct health screenings for staff and passengers, and all staff on board wear masks while traveling. We also sanitize each plane between each flight to ensure the safety of all our passengers.

Keep in mind that although restrictions are starting to lift, there are still some covid restrictions in place for winter flights. Each of the destinations on this list is welcoming visitors currently. However, things change quickly, so research before you go to stay updated for your winter flights.

As restrictions from Covid lift, find the destination that is right for you. With the demand for private winter flights this year, make sure to book early! Many travelers are excited to explore this holiday season, making it more important than ever to book winter flights soon. Book with  Charter Flight Group today so that we can get you traveling safely, and with great amenities , to your getaway destination this winter.

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