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June 7, 2021

Jordan Brown

Private travel has earned itself quite the reputation–and for good reason. When you reserve a private jet charter flight , you enter a whole new world of traveling. Here, you are the center of attention. Private flight crews go above and beyond to cater to your every travel request, whether you need a last-minute flight this afternoon or want to order an in-flight five-course meal. However, these perks just scratch the surface when it comes to the many benefits of private jet travel.

To give you a glimpse into what you can expect on your next private flight, we have listed out some of the top private jet benefits. Follow along to find out for yourself why so many prefer this elite way of traveling.

Quick and Convenient Boarding Process

One of the benefits of private jet travel is that you can bypass some of the inconveniences you experience when traveling commercially. For instance, when you fly privately, you do not have to wait in long security lines and go through screenings. And because you can board as soon as you arrive, you do not have to concern yourself with arriving at the airport hours in advance of your takeoff time.

In many cases, you simply provide the flight crew with a form of identification and can board immediately without taking off your shoes and passing through metal detectors. Depending on the aircraft and charter company, sometimes you can even drive on the tarmac right up to the entrance of your private jet, which means you can skip the airport terminal entirely.

The CFG Jet Card Membership Program

  • Access Preferred Network of 5,700 private jets worldwide
  • Ultimate freedom of choice of FAA Part 135 approved aircraft
  • No commitment; no membership fees; cancel any time
  • Extend membership to anyone in your company or travel party
  • Prestigious executive jet concierge service available 24/7/365
  • Personalized luxury from gourmet catering to VIP ground transport
  • Get free jet upgrades based on availability

The Aircraft of Your Choice

Another benefit of private air travel is that you have the option of choosing the exact make and model of aircraft you want to fly on to your destination. Do you want a small, intimate light jet that can only accommodate a few passengers at a time? Or would you prefer a spacious jet with more room to stand up and move around?

If you are flying for business, choose an aircraft with a conference room or work area. But if you are traveling with your kids, perhaps you will want to reserve a jet with an entertainment lounge to keep them entertained with movies and music. Alternatively, some private travelers prefer to stick with a specific jet brand that they know and trust.

Whatever your preferences, we make it happen. When you fly with Charter Flight Group, you can browse through more than 6,000 jets that fall into six size categories. You can explore highlights and specifications for each to find one that best suits your preferences and travel style.

Elite Amenities

No matter what make and model you decide on, you can expect nothing but the utmost exceptional in-flight amenities. Every jet delivers the most plush and lavish seating to ensure your flight is a comfortable one. If you go with one of the heavy jets with more space, you will come across models that feature entertainment areas, kitchens, full-sized lavatories, and even luxurious private bedrooms . Many jets feature entertainment systems, spas, workstations, and in-flight catering, too. Private jets are designed with your comfort in mind, whether you want to attend to business, watch a movie, or get some shuteye.

World-Class Dining

Maybe the best benefit of private jet travel is that you get to call the shots. Your flight crew is on hand to cater to your every desire and that includes serving up whatever you want to eat. When it comes to private jet catering , the sky’s the limit. Request a meal from your favorite five-star restaurant or let the highly-trained in-flight chef surprise you with her culinary skills. Whether you want a decadent multi-course meal or some light fare to nibble on, your flight crew will whip up exactly what you are craving, from main dishes to fancy desserts.

Flexible Scheduling

Your plans change at the drop of a hat, so it is not always easy to make–or keep–your travel plans. That is why private charter companies provide convenient and flexible scheduling. Need a last-minute flight this evening or to reschedule your flight tomorrow? We can rearrange your travel itinerary to best suit your schedule.

We offer around-the-clock service, meaning we can accommodate your needs at any hour. And we are so quick and efficient that we can get you in the sky within just hours of you making your reservation.

Safety Above All Else

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of flying private is that your safety is always our top priority. Nothing is more important than ensuring you have a safe and flawless journey, and that is why we require every aircraft, flight crew, and pilot to adhere to the strictest safety standards in the aviation industry. We do not allow any aircraft to leave the tarmac before passing a full and thorough safety inspection. Our safety requirements, in combination with our private jets’ latest technology, make flying private a safer option than taking a commercial flight in many ways.

Program Perks

Some major perks come with flying private. At Charter Flight Group, we offer a Fixed Route Program along with our Jet Card membership. Our Fixed Route Program lets you lock in the price of the routes that you travel the most. For example, if you find yourself frequently flying between NYC and D.C., our program lets you avoid paying the ever-fluctuating market prices. As for our Jet Card program, when you become a member, you earn exclusive rewards like free jet upgrades and complimentary catering allowances.

Are you eager to experience the benefits of flying private for yourself? There has never been a better time to reserve your private charter with us. Book your private jet today with Charter Flight Group, and get ready for a pedigree flight experience tailored to all your preferences.

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