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Top 10 Most Popular Private Jets

There are so many perks when it comes to flying private. You get treated to a pedigree flight experience tailored to all your preferences, plus, we also invite you to choose the exact make and model of the private jet charter you want to board. 

Some private travelers prefer the small compact models, while others go for the larger, roomier heavy jets. But if you are not sure what kind of aircraft best suits you or you are asking yourself, what is the most popular private jet? We have you covered. In our jet guide below, we highlight some of the most popular private jet models. When you browse our listing, you will come across all kinds of incredible and high-class types of private jets . Explore 10 of the most popular private jet models below to find the ideal one for you and your travel style.

Citation X

Traveling up to 600 miles per hour, The Citation X is one of the fastest commercial aircraft on the market. It has a range of 5+ hours, making it a prime option for cross-country travel. This super-midsize jet is 72 feet long and can comfortably seat up to eight passengers with 82 cubic feet of luggage space. Between its speed and comfort, it is no wonder this model is one of the most popular business private jets.

Hawker 400XP

Though on the smaller side, this light set is still a rather spacious and speedy option. The Hawker 400XP, at 48 feet long, can accommodate up to seven passengers and offers 52 cubic feet of baggage space. It features a unique square-oval cabin design that provides much more passenger headspace than other jets in this size category. If you are traveling a short distance, this aircraft is an excellent choice by offering a range of up to 3.6 hours.

Citation Ultra

At 47 feet long, the Citation Ultra is the longest version of the light jet, providing enough space for up to eight passengers and 26 cubic feet of luggage. It is one of the most popular private jet models as it is celebrated for its speedy takeoffs. This model can travel up to speeds of 495 miles per hour and cover over 2,255 miles at once.

Hawker 800XP/ Hawker 750XP/ Hawker 900XP

The Hawker 800 series, which includes both the 750 and 900 models, presents extremely sought-after large midsize jets. These Hawker aircraft can fly between seven to eight passengers and offer 50-72 cubic feet of luggage, depending on the specific model. They can all reach speeds over 500 mph and cover just under 3,000 miles of distance before refueling.

Citation Excel

The Citation Excel is another one of the most popular business private jets available. This model is 52 feet long, can reach a maximum speed of 472 miles per hour, and has a range just shy of 2,000 miles. Its spacious, stand-up cabin allows for eight passengers and an enclosed lavatory, along with 61 cubic feet of baggage space.

Pilatus PC-12

The Pilatus PC-12 is a sleek single-engine turboprop that measures 47 feet in length. It is an ideal choice for shorter, continental journeys as it maxes out at a speed of just over 300 miles per hour and covers roughly 1,742 miles at a time. This popular model can carry up to seven passengers and provides 40 cubic feet of space for luggage.

Learjet 60

This pristine, 59-foot aircraft falls in the mid-size jet category. Eight to nine passengers can comfortably fit on this jet, leaving a total of 48 cubic feet of room for luggage. The Learjet 60 is considered a rather speedy aircraft as it can hit speeds of 526 miles per hour and travel up to 2,658 miles before needing to refuel. With this kind of range, it has no trouble flying nonstop coast-to-coast.

Gulfstream G650

If you are searching for a jet with a spacious cabin, the Gulfstream G650 just may do the trick. This large aircraft is 99.8 feet long and includes up to four living areas, where you can dine, work, and relax. Depending on the interior design, it can carry anywhere from 11 to 16 passengers. To top it off, this impressive jet can fly up 600 to 700 mph for 14 hours at a time, meaning it is an exceptional choice for international travel.

Global 7500

Not only is the Global 7500 one of the most popular private jet models, but it is also one of the largest and longest-range aircraft available. This model measures 111 feet long and features four living areas, including a space with a full-sized bed, and can comfortably accommodate up to 19 passengers. It can travel over 700 mph and cover a distance of 7,700 miles at once. The Global 7500 is perfect for those passengers looking to travel internationally. 

Challenger 300 and 350

The Challenger 300 and 350 models round out our list of the most popular private jets. These super-midsize models can fly eight to nine passengers at a time. Though they are the same size, the 350 model has a more updated cabin interior with larger windows. Both models can fly around 3,500 miles nonstop at speeds of around 550 mph, allowing for seamless coast-to-coast travel. 

Here at Charter Flight Group, we fly with more than 6,000 aircraft, which means you are sure to find exactly what you had in mind. Browse our extensive listing of aircraft to find your ideal match. And once you decide on a specific make and model, be sure to take advantage of our exclusive Jet Card membership program. As a member, you earn elite rewards, such as free jet upgrades and complimentary catering allowances. Reserve your private jet charter with us today.