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Private Jet Dining: What Does Private Jet Catering Include?

When taking a journey on a private jet, you experience the all-star treatment every time. From the pedigree in-flight service to the upscale comfort and class, private jet charters like Charter Flight Group strive to accommodate all your needs–and then some. Therefore, when it comes to enjoying private jet dining, you can expect nothing less than the finest culinary experience in the skies.

Onboard your private jet, you are invited to request a wide range of delicious snacks, entrees, and beverages. Whether you want to indulge in some light appetizers or a refreshing cocktail, the private jet food catering options are practically endless.

Ready to see what the private jet catering companies are cooking up? Feast your eyes on some of the best private jet meals below to inspire your dining experience on your next flight. From elaborate creations to your tried-and-true favorites, dining in the sky has never looked–or tasted–this good.

Only the Best

Not only are the in-flight chefs highly trained in the culinary arts, but many of the cabin attendants have elite experience serving at high-end restaurants, too. In addition to the finest service, the quality of private jet food is second to none. Many private jet catering services source their ingredients from local organic markets and high-end restaurants to ensure you have the most exquisite of meals. On top of that, the presentation of your private jet meal promises to be artfully crafted and designed. Our chefs take great care in providing you with a decadent and visually appealing meal.

Lovely Light Fare

Not in the mood for a heavy meal during your in-flight journey? No problem. Catering services provide a wide spread of appetizers, snacks, and light bites for your enjoyment. Many serve cold meat platters, which include a spread of cured cheese and meats, while others offer fruit platters, complete with mixed berries, kiwis, mangoes, and more. Oftentimes, the catering companies will create a platter according to the travelers’ preferences.

Along with what is already on the menu, prior to you taking off, many private jet catering companies invite you to request your own snacks and light fare based on your specific wants. Some travelers have been known to request the finest caviar available, while others prefer a light salad or side of smoked salmon. From bacon-wrapped shrimp to simple croissants and scones, the options are so good, you may find yourself nibbling even if you are not hungry.

Decadent Full-Course Meals

For those longer flights, travelers often want to enjoy a full, gourmet meal. When it comes to full-course dining, the sky is the limit. Maybe you want a Michelin-star chef to whip up a divine meal, or perhaps you want a specific meal from your favorite restaurant served. You can order trendy dishes from the hottest restaurants on the scene or choose from the chef’s in-flight menu. From filet mignon and sushi to lobster rolls and wagyu rib-eye, you can request whatever you are craving. But it does not have to be a fancy meal. Some travelers simply want a deli sandwich or a burger from a local fast-food joint–the choice is yours.

Elaborate Desserts

For those who crave something sweet, dessert is always on the menu in the skies. It is not uncommon to find chocolate-covered strawberries, cookies, and brownies available during your in-flight experience. Whether you are in the mood for macaroons and tiramisu or peach cobbler and cheesecake, the best catering companies know how to take care of your sweet tooth.

Any Beverage You Can Think of

Thirsty? Your in-flight catering services have you covered. Champagne and sparkling mineral water top the list of the most popular beverages requested on private jets, along with your choice of beer, cocktails, tea, coffee, and even fresh-squeezed orange juice. No matter how simple or elaborate, whatever kind of beverage you want, the in-flight staff will make it happen.

The private jet amenities onboard your aircraft are sure to impress, and the excellent catering services are just one more reason why flying private is the preferred way to travel. To indulge in a flawless in-flight experience for yourself, reserve your private jet with Charter Flight Group today. Also, look into our private jet membership to earn major perks, from complimentary catering allowances to free jet class upgrades. Book your private flight today, and be sure to bring your appetite.