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January 10, 2022

Jordan Brown

There is nothing simple or ordinary about flying on a private jet. In fact, the very essence of the private jet experience is meant to be divine and absolutely over the top. From the lavish interior design of your jet’s cabin to the exquisite in-flight dining menu, the experience of flying private is second to none. 

When it comes to flying private, we go all out, always raising the bar. We live for the first-class amenities and white-glove service that makes flying private so alluring in the first place. And that is why we find it so attractive to fly on the most affluent private jets in the world. The more opulent, the better, so we are taking you inside some of the most extravagant private jets on the market. 

From the exquisite design of the GIVSP to the impressive range of the Gulfstream GV, check out these top five amazing and opulent private jet charters

Types of Affluent Private Jets

1. Gulfstream GIVSP

If you are in search of an affluent private jet interior , look no further than the Gulfstream GIVSP. This sophisticated jet boasts an expertly designed interior, typically with three cabin zones, including 14 fully reclinable seats and six beds, along with a divan and conference table for your comfort and convenience. The jet’s large oval windows fill the cabin with natural light while offering a panoramic view of the skies during your journey. Along with delivering a high-class cabin experience, this long-range jet features a range of 3,880 nautical miles and can reach a maximum speed of 500 knots. 

2. Gulfstream GV

When the Gulfstream GV first came on the scene in 1997, it was the longest-range business jet on the market. Years later, it is still celebrated for its impressive range, which maxes out at 6,425 nautical miles, meaning it can easily travel between international destinations like Chicago and Tokyo. This sleek jet features a spacious cabin with several configurations, including an option to sleep six passengers or carry a maximum of 19 passengers. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, the GV will get you there in style. 

3. Bombardier Challenger 350

Get ready to be blown away by this extravagant private jet charter . The Challenger 350 is the largest mid-size jet in its class, featuring a roomy and stylish cabin just over 25 feet long with enough space to comfortably fly 10 passengers. The aircraft’s seats provide the utmost comfort as they swivel 180 degrees, recline, and even convert into beds. The jet is also the quietest jet in its category, delivering a sound-suppressing design with high-tech sound insulation and acoustic elements. Make no mistake; the Challenger 350 is easily one of the most popular and affluent private jets on the market. 

4. Bombardier Global 6000

When rounding up the most opulent private jets , you must not overlook the Global 6000. This long-range jet has quickly become a favorite among business and leisure travelers alike. Its exceptionally crafted cabin is just under 50 feet long, providing plenty of room for up to 13 passengers to rest and relax. But perhaps the most notable feature is the private stateroom , which is ideal for attending to work or getting some shut-eye in the comfort of your own space. The Global 6000 can travel nonstop for 6149 nautical miles while maxing out at speeds of just over 500 knots. 

5. Dassault Falcon 2000

If you are narrowing all the types of affluent jets , the Falcon 2000 certainly deserves a place under the spotlight. The 2000 model entered service in 1995 and has been turning heads ever since with its high-class performance and elegant interior design. Depending on your chosen seating configuration, this impressive heavy jet can accommodate eight to 10 passengers in 31 feet of cabin space with two zones. As for travel specs, the Falcon 2000 can hit maximum speeds of around 470 knots with a range of 3,130 nautical miles. 

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Book Your Affluent Private Jet Charter Today

Now it is your turn to experience all the extravagance for yourself. Whether you want a fabulous jet for a short stint or a decked-out aircraft for an international journey, we will make it happen. 

Here at Charter Flight Group, we are always available to help you book the most affluent private jet . Browse through our fleet of jets to find the ideal aircraft of your choice. And to indulge in even more private jet perks, join our exclusive Jet Card membership program, which invites you to enjoy complimentary catering allowances, free jet upgrades, and more. Reserve your private business flight with us today.

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